About Shinryokukai

About Shinryokukai

General Incorporated Association Shinryokukai is mainly composed of graduates of Kobe University School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine (including predecessor schools).

Our goal is to develop and promote research and medical knowledge about diseases, to promote medical education and research and academic exchange in Kobe University School of Medicine and other educational research institutions, and to contribute to improvement of medical education and research, and development of education.


Kobe University HospitalKobe University Hospital
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Kobe University School of Medicine’s predecessor school, Hyogo Prefectural School of Medicine was founded in 1944, renamed Hyogo Prefectural University of Medicine in 1946, and Kobe Medical University in 1952. Kobe University School of Medicine was established on 1 April 1964, and pre-medical course, first year professional course, and 10 basic medicine courses were transferred here.

Subsequently, transfers proceeded on a yearly basis and at the end of March 1968 Kobe Medical University was shut down, to become Kobe University School of Medicine in April 1968.

Shinryokukai was created as Kobe Medical University Alumni Association in 1953, and the current name Shinryokukai was decided upon at the General Meeting of 27 November 1966.

On 1 February 1984 Incorporated Association Shinryokukai was approved by the Ministry of Education, and Terumichi Kuniya (class of 1951) was appointed as its first Executive Director.
Subsequently appointed were Atsushi Naito (class of 1954) in 1989, Shige Hishida (class of 1963) in 1998 and Mori Maeda (class of 1971) in 2008.

Based on the General Corporate Law ensuing system reform of Public Service Corporations, transition to General Incorporated Association Shinryokukai was approved by the Cabinet on 22 March 2011, and the transition registration was completed on 1 April 2011, bringing us to the current state.

General Incorporated Association Shinryokukai

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