Message from the Chairman

Sakan Maeda

Dear members,

I hope you are all well and thriving. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous understanding and cooperation with regards to the development of Shinryokukai and Kobe University School of Medicine.

Shinryokukai was born in 1953 as an Alumni Association, but for its development a status of Incorporated Association was necessary, and thanks to the active work of our seniors, Incorporated Association Shinryokukai was approved by the Ministry of Education in February 1984, already 30 years ago now.

Then, along with the system reform of Public Service Corporations in 2007, transition to General Incorporate Association Shinryokukai was approved by the Prime Minister, and registration was completed as of 1 April 2011.

During this period of nearly 4 years, we have changed the constitution and have strived to optimize management. Mainly, we are documenting the branch activities as Shinryokukai business, and in addition to the existing branches we are starting up the Sanin branch, and preparing to set up new distant branches.

Furthermore, the accounting of the Alumni Association and Incorporated Association were unified in Incorporated Association Shinryokukai, and roster publication of profitable business was made possible as an operation of the Association. We also implemented participation in management by the students as official members from the time of their admission to the school.

The development of the School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

As revealed in the process of the 40th anniversary commemoration, 4 photos found in the Kyoto University Liberal Arts library are photos of the construction of Kobe Hospital in 1869, which is currently in its 145th year. The inauguration in 1944 of the Medical College and Prefectural Kobe Medical University followed, then the change to a national institute in 1964, bringing us to today. In 2001 it became a Graduate College soon after the old 7 Imperial Colleges and it obtained a higher place in the ranking of National Universities. This is essentially a result of the education and research that has as mission to raise Physician Scientists. This school has raised not only Nobel Prize winners (Shinya Yamanaka, director of iPS at Kyoto University, graduated from Kobe University in 1987), but also a great number of talented people active in hospitals and educators at the Alma Mater and all over the country. Recently, with the support of Hyogo Prefecture, we have been training a number of students (10 students per class, gradually increased from 3 students) and research physicians (2 students per class) in fusion of basic and clinical medicine.

Website updates and internet society support

We are fully updating the structure of our website in February 2015.
Publishing a newsletter, creating an exchange site for members, making card use possible for fee payments etc., we are trying to achieve all this from the standpoint of our members. Management is in the hands of the Information Committee, which includes many graduates from the Heisei period.


In the wake of the commemoration of the 145th and 70th anniversaries, we are proceeding with our extensive support of graduates, students at Kobe University School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and training of young students. Since medical cooperation is an important keyword, our purpose is to be useful to members of Shinryokukai all over the country.

Thank you for your support.

General Incorporated Association Shinryokukai

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Phone. 078-361-0616